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    Dear Dr. Kolber and Staff,

I would like to say thank you for helping me! Your treatment (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment-ESWT) has been a true lifesaver for me. I never realized just how painful and debilitating a "little bone spur" could be. After a year of literally "hobbling" and favoring this sore heel, due to intense pain and the dull achy pain that comes when resting, I could not ignore my condition any longer. I knew from other doctors that conventional treatment was usually a painful shot of medicine into the foot, or surgery and I was really not keen on either of those options. I found out about ESWT and then found out about your office. I decided to try it, and Dr. Kolber, I am so glad I did. It has only been 3 treatments and the sharp horrible pain is GONE. I am walking upright again, and walking with a normal gait now. I am so grateful, for your office, your expertise, and this treatment. I would encourage any patient with heel pain like mine due to bone spurs and Plantar Fasciitis to try this therapy right away!
Tami T. Bell
Poughkeepsie, NY

After two years of heel spur pain and four cortisone shots, I finally took Dr. Kolbers advice and had shock wave treatments.  After four, Five-minute painless treatments , my heel spur pain has completely gone. It has been five months and not even a hint of pain.

                                                                                            Kathleen Morrissey

"Just a few lines to express to you and your staff my gratitude for the wonderful care I continue to receive. Because of your continued care, I remain ambulatory yet another year given my complex and progressive disease.
    I always enjoy the humorous banter we exchange during the procedure and always leave with my feet feeling better, allowing me relief for ten thousand steps until my next visit.
    So for all these resaons, I feel fortunate to have you involved in my care and want to say thank you."

D. Newman

    "For years I have had problems with ingrown toenails and I would play doctor myself by trying to remove them at home. Of course that never really worked well and I was too much of a chicken to go to the podiatrist. Finally, the pain reached a climax, and with my husband's support, I made an appointment to go. My mother was a patient of Dr. Kolber and swore by him so off I went. I wish I had listened to everybody earlier. Dr. Kolber examined me, then explained everything before starting to work and was very patient with my hesistations. He completed the procedure with no pain and after 1 day I felt better than i have in years. Since then I have had others fixed and for the first time in a long time, my feet are pain free. Dr. Kolber is an excellent Podiatriast and person as well. He was understanding, caring and compassionate. I urge anyone with foot problems or pain to give him a visit, it will be well worth it."

S. McMahon

    "I had foot surgery in August 2011 where Dr. Kolber performed the procedure. I was in a lot of pain before the surgery, but now I have no more pain in my foot. I would recommend him to anybody that needs foot surgery."

L. Cozzolino

'I have been a patient of Dr. Kolber for approximately one year.  Before I found Dr. Kolber, I had been to three other doctors without relief.  I was ready to give up, but then my wife found Dr. Kolber.  I decided to give ne more doctor a try.  I am so hapy that I did.  Dr. Kolber is the only doctor who was able to correctly diagnose my problem.  Prior to seeing Dr. Kolber,  I was in constant pain and could barely stand on my feet.  My job requires me to stand up all day, and I was in so much pain that I was considering retiring from work.  Once he treated me, I was painfree for the first time in years.  I highly recommend him.

R. Uresk

I C. Tyler have been a patient of Dr. Kolbers for about eleven years now.  I have had work done from plantar warts to inserts put in my shoes to treat a heel spur fixed by Dr. Kolber.  He is a great Dr. .  We try different things and if it does not work,  we went in and he fixed the problem surgically and now I have no more pain.  His staff are very nice to you and I would recommend Dr. Kolber to any one.  Thanks for being a Great Dr.

C. Tyler

   Dear Dr Kolber,   Once again you have me walking on "happy feet"!  Thru the many years I have been coming to you, your treatments have enabled me to continue with my daily life routines -- gardening, my daily walks, line dancing and now my senior trips.  When your feet are injured , it has an impact not only on you physically, but emotionally as well because you cannot carry on every day activities.  You gave balance to my life again.  I cannot thank you enough.

  •                                                                                  G. Morino

I  have had foot and knee pains for many years until being evaluated and treated with custom-made foot inserts (orthotics) by Dr. Bryan Kolber @ New Paltz Podiatry.  Since wearing my custom foot orthotics, my foot and knee pains have subsided.  Being thoroughly pleased with the outcome of having no more foot/knee pain,  I highly recommend others to call the office staf at New Paltz Podiatry for an appointment with Dr. Bryan Kolber

                                                                                             J.  Saltarella


Dear Dr. Kolber

    As The weather has begun to change and I go from summer sandels to shoes. I Just wanted to thank you again for the great job you did on my left foot. The second digit hammer toe that you fixed with surgery in January is doing great and has now enabled me to once  again wear all my winter shoes. It wouldn't have happened without your help. I Just wish I had done it sooner. There is still a little edema but, it is minor and does not interfere with the wearing of any of my shoes. Thanks again for a job well done. If any of the other toes ever develop a problem, I will be sure to call you. 


                                                                                        P. Merrill


























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